Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guruji's quotes at TTC (Dec 2009)

“The entire human race is trying to express love and has not reached anywhere. What is needed is the middle path. Love has to be expressed veiled, then it stays forever. If expressed too much, it doesn’t stay.”

“The strength of a relationship lies in the ability to accommodate rough patches. How well you handle it gives you skills. Otherwise how do you get to know how accommodating, understanding and considerate you are? These virtues come up only when you have rough patches. See the situation as an opportunity on how to adapt, how to be accommodating, understanding and considerate. You should give a shot to excel in exhibiting your character rather than changing the other person.”

"Don’t wait for the best person with the best qualities to be in love. Just love them and bring out the best in them.."

“Transforming craving and aversion into love is dispassion.”

“When a bud breaks, it becomes a flower, when a heart breaks, it becomes divine..Then you focus on yourself.”

“When the world begins to fade, when you are sad, you turn inwards.
When the mind is happy, you find the world beautiful.
Anything beautiful takes us to divinity, reminds us of divinity.”

“My job is to create the temptation to go deep in yourself”

"Meditation is a better form of prayer. Prayer is asking.....Meditation is -I'm willing to listen to you. When people say I am ready to meditate and listen, then God provides everything "

"See life as fresh everyday. Problems make you stronger. Every challenge is an opportunity for you to grow and brings out inner strength, talents and virtues.. " "After knowing this you won't brood, you will just walk" :)
Life is a fine balance between intellect and emotion and using them (where and how) depends on wisdom...:) and Wisdom comes only through Meditation.....

“To feel bad when someone insults you is natural, but to come out of it comes with knowledge.”

“Like the lotus resides in water but still remains free from getting wet, in the same way while living in society one is not to let society enter one’s mind. Birds fly above you that’s ok, but don’t let them build a nest in your head.”

Saturday, December 26, 2009

‘The Art of Living’: Keeping the Faith

I was 12 or 13 years old when I was gifted a book called ' The Art of Living' on Vipassana Meditation by William Hart. I had already done the Transcendental Meditation course and as children my age would do, never practiced it again, though I still remember the mantra I was given!! :)

I must say, that all through this journey called life, spiritual books have found their way into my life.. :) All this talk these days, about attracting things into life, going by that philosophy, maybe I must have wanted them in some previous birth :)))) I have a story for each one entering my life in very interesting and sometimes, not so happy, circumstances. Always making me realize the presence of the divine around, taking care of me! :)

Coming back to the book 'The Art of Living'! It's a beautiful book on Vipassana Meditation with an outline of the basics of Buddhism, short stories and an ‘Intellectual Commentary on Experiential Wisdom.’ I loved reading that book, especially the short stories, every now and then. Must have read it 30-40 times but I never understood parts of the ‘Intellectual Commentary,’ and I wished I could find someone who would explain the meaning of quite a few things the book mentions. In vain!! I found no one near me who could understand it, or for that matter, was willing to read ‘SUCH BOOKS’ at my age :))) Definitely none of my friends, classmates or even elders.

Though I enjoyed the book immensely, I could not relate to all the experiences narrated in the book. However, I did not associate that with any form of disbelief on the writer, or Vipassana or Buddhism, nor did I ever doubt any of the experiences. I always felt there was truth behind those words. I knew that somewhere something in my own experience was lacking that prevented me from understanding the book completely. I always thought I would go to a Vipassana centre someday to experience it myself…

However, instead of Vipassana, something else happened!!! “The BEST thing that could have ever happened”!! After I began practicing meditation regularly, that ‘Intellectual Commentary’ has become an ‘Experiential Reality.’ (An everyday affair) Transformed my life, attitude, thinking and continues to do so.. And now when I read that book, or other books on spiritual experiences, I comprehend a lot more of what they imply.

The Limitation of Words
Words sometimes (or maybe most of the times) fail to reflect experiences. (Try explaining the pain in your head, to someone who has never experienced any pain. Can you find words to express it.....We all want easy answers, but nothing can ever satisfy our highest quest, if it is genuine, except our own experiences. To add, Meditation is not a one day affair, although I have seen and continue to see hundreds of first time phenomena and miracles all around me.

The Cure for Restlessness
Most people say they are unable to close their eyes and relax even for a few moments. The absence of a person or thing that we love or want can definitely make us restless and feel lonely, but imagine, if that’s the restlessness in and around us, where we cannot sit with ourselves for some time, why would people want to be with restless people like us?
We are all energy transmitters, so it’s very important to see what kind of energy we are emitting.. :)

Not to say, that there are no restless moments, but mindfulness, the very awareness that we are restless, works to bring us out of it. The very moment we become aware of it, we begin to break the cycle and understand that ‘being alone’ and ‘being lonely’ are two completely different perspectives. In simple words, just a conversion!! The ability to experience the difference, may come after a period of practicing mindfulness or meditation, or can happen in a fraction of a second. :)

All is ‘Energy’
The quantum physicist and the saint say the same thing – All is ‘Energy.’ The former talks from a scientific and experimental perspective and the latter from an experiential perspective! Feeling the vibrations, electricity and energy in and around him! While there is no change in the temperament of the quantum physicist when he makes this proclamation, a true saint’s mere presence reflects the bliss, radiance and resplendence that comes from experiencing reality as it is!

Remembering Celine Dion’s song –
‘….When you wanted the most, there’s no easy way out,
When you’re ready to go, and your heart’s left in doubt,
Don’t give up on your faith,
Love (I call it the highest possible manifestation of energy) comes to those who believe it,
And ‘That’s the way it is’!! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Childhood Memories :)

Sharing memories of the past...
Ancestral home in Pune
My grandfather was a staunch follower of Jainism, with all the rigidities it entails. We had a temple, a separate room on the second floor of our ancestral house in Pune, full of very old antique Jain idols, some more than 2500 years old, made from panchdhatu (five metals). The day would begin with all temple rituals, bathing and anointing the idols with sandalwood paste, silver vark and roses, chanting, pooja, aarti etc.. My grandpa would spend almost 2-2.5 hours in the mandir and all of us (grandkids:)) would hang around him, wanting to share the duties, very enthusiastically. The room would be full of the fragrance of chandan, roses and incense sticks and a very peaceful and divine atmosphere permeated the room. This was my schedule for summer holidays each year till my grandfather passed away. Now the idols are in a temple my grandfather got built near Pune.

Plus he had an extensive library at home, full of religious and spiritual books, and huge paintings of our Tirthankaras (five kids of my size at that time would fit each of those paintings ;) Being very young I always enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the various Gods and Goddesses and our Tirthankaras, those who are said to have attained Nirvana (the word rings a bell, doesn’t it!!:) Stories with grandpa were always about religion, gods and associated things. To add, he had studied law in England and had been actively associated with the freedom movement. He made my grandma study after they got married and encouraged that all the children in the family studied well at a time when Marwari families were just involved with grain, money lending, jewellery and oil businesses, and children, especially girls, were hardly encouraged to study :)

Hell and Moksha
As a kid (the 5-10 years old period) the most interesting book for me from my grandpa’s collection was a small book which had pictures of hell.. :))) In that you could see people being boiled in oil, made to lie on beds of thorns and nails, throats being slit, and lots of well..... The memories have dimmed now but I wondered whether it was true and would ask my grandfather, 'Where is this place and why are people sent here'? And he would point out that if we did wrong actions (he would list a few things) we would be sent there. Don’t know why, but I was never scared of the pictures or the fact that I would have to see hell, maybe I was too confident that I never did or would do anything wrong. :)

Jainism has typical concepts about heaven, hell, paap, punya, moksha, nirvana and a lot more…I would ask him what 'Moksha' was – “It’s a place from where we don't come back again to this world,” he would say.(freedom from birth n death). And my innocent questions would continue - How do we go there? Can we see the place? Is it on some other planet? He passed away before I was mature enough to really understand and learn what he had studied and learnt in so much of detail for the most part of the 84 odd years that he lived. Maybe today he would have given me his experiential perspective, which I was too young to understand then.

My Learnings
I feel the things I was exposed to at a very young age, have been instrumental in shaping my attitude towards religion and spirituality. I am neither in favour nor against idol worship, because now I look at it from another angle. I feel the very process of idol worship, decorations, and chanting combined together is simply a way of being in the ‘present.’ The idols are made so beautiful and attractive (like in Durga Puja), that your mind doesn’t wander. The absence of any other thoughts! How many of those doing idol worship are able to do it, that’s the key. One can do away with all the ritualistic aspects and still explore the divinity in the present moment…
Not to say that I have met people, who are extremely ritualistic but the deep moral values of forgiveness, compassion and love are not at all reflected in the way they conduct themselves in society. Maybe it’s just about our capacity of learning..

Faith and Doubt
The level of doubting and skepticism about spirituality, spiritual people, personal beliefs and a higher power guiding our actions has always been very low with me…. :) I am able to easily accept the fact that people can have faith in a guru, a particular place of worship and even a piece of stone and have seen numerous miracles simply based on faith. However, I also feel the strength of our faith depends on how strongly our inner voice guides us and how much of it we are able to hear. Dependent on the intensity of our quest for the truth!

I also believe that "If one has a pure heart, one is sure to attract the best, wherever one is! And people with negative or evil tendencies will not even be able to come near" :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Head or Heart :)

Head is obsessed, Heart is free
Head desires, Heart longs
Head expects, Heart fulfills
Head demands, Heart is grateful
Head blames, Heart forgives
Head argues, Heart feels
Head divides, Heart unites
Head competes, Heart cooperates
Head reasons, Heart loves

And the whole journey is from the 'Head' to the 'Heart' :) coz all that everyone wants is a little more 'love'....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My first Bal Chetna Shibir :)

'Love moves the world'
With Guruji's grace, finally my first Bal chetna shibir at Visamo Kids, Ahmedabad,with Chetna di.. Amazing experience.. Once again experiencing the power of intentions and the grace of the master.
And all that the kids wanted to hear towards the end of the shibir were more and more Guru stories..:) To be able to give Mantra diksha to around 60 lovely n loving children on Sharad Poornima '3rd October', what more could I want...Tears not stopping since then.
Love you Guruji for everything....
"Tum mile to jadoo cha gaya, tum mile to jeena aa gaya, tum mile to maine paya hai khuda ":)
In Gratitude.... :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learning: A two way Process

Being at school, I get to observe kids, and a whole lot of them, very closely. My decision to volunteer to teach primary kids at SSRVM was simply based on one fact - There was no one else at the time to do that job, and if I did not take the responsibility, the children would suffer. And though I went as a teacher, the past few months have been so enriching and full of learning that I wonder ‘who is learning more’!! :)

The most amazing part about kids I feel is their grasping ability coupled with their innocence.
Apart from information, kids are great at picking out how parents, teachers and their peers behave in different situations. When I interact with parents, I am immediately able to recognize what aspect of the parent the child has imbibed, It’s so apparent. (Not to mention, that I can read people easily) 

Also, apart from what we tell them consciously, a lot of things that we may say or do, in an almost unconscious manner, also gets deeply ingrained in their psyche. As parents and teachers, I guess it’s a big responsibility and extremely important to see what kind of information and surroundings we are giving our children. Their whole future depends a lot on the value system, habits and knowledge they imbibe by seeing people around them in their initial formative years. To add, their needs of security, feeling loved and being taken care of, attended to when they need it, are the most important aspects in their upbringing.

A small gesture like a pat on the cheek, a hug when they do something creative and appreciation of their talents can go a long way in boosting their self confidence.

Just this morning we took the kids for an outing to Crossword (the bookstore) and after around 15 minutes I found a lady coming up to me and saying, I want my child to be admitted in a school that has lovable kids like these, who also speak such good English, pointing to two of my ‘lil ones.’ Can’t describe how proud and amazing I felt. In just a few minutes, my two brats had spoken to the lady about our school and our teaching methodology and convinced her to explore it for her children.  (Future marketing gurus;))

Their innocent smiles, unending enthusiasm, openness to new things, love for challenges, ability to forget and forgive easily (one moment one may hit the other and the next moment you will find them swinging arms n smiling) and the respect and love they give you, is simply beautiful.

And when I hear them saying, "Cut the past, shut the future - be in the present," "Give your 100%," "Smile" at the age of 10-12, I can't help but be sure, they have a great present and so a great future. :)))

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Radiate Love and Peace: Be the Change you want to see in the World :)

A journey into my experiences with this jig called ‘LIFE’

Things that I would often ‘WONDER’ about - Not questions :)
· Why was the increase in financial independence and growth not accompanied by a simultaneous increase in happiness around! On the contrary there was more stress.
· When we blame someone for ruining our peace and happiness, do we reflect on seeing how much responsibility we have taken!!
· At work and in achieving professional goals, we stress on being creators of opportunities and being the ‘Centre of the Universe.’ Then why does the same rule not apply when we think about world peace and bringing change in society!
· Where does the thought to kill, rob, rape originate! And from where do compassion, love, peace and belongingness spring up!!
· Though not denying the fact that terrible incidents are happening around the world, what help are we doing to the world by being angry, frustrated, guilty, and feeling victimized!!
· What is the idiot box really doing these days: The relevance( or irrelevance) of endless talks and discussions on different channels, a futile exercise, which perhaps stemmed from the need of news channels to raise TRPs and revenues than to focus on bringing about some real solutions. Amazing news reporting including ‘kaali billi ne safed bacche diye’ …:D. The terrible agonies of saas n bahus (endless sagas ), Ah!

· And most importantly the recurring thought: What am I doing here!!

In looking at these things and more, I realized that deep within was this quest for ‘meaning in life.’ Financial independence, successful career, these were words that probably ‘NEVER’ had any meaning for me (though I understand how important they are for some) if I was not enjoying myself. When I began focusing on what would give me happiness, I realized that I had so many talents that could be put to different uses, and to help people in my own special ways. ‘BEING USEFUL’, helping to bring a positive change in society perhaps to make one more person smile….:)

Time for the next step:
‘We can't go put out fire around the world, if our own house is on fire.’
Before I went all out to expect peace and happiness and bring some change in the world, the reality check was --- "Am I peaceful! Am I happy!" Then came work on gaining that peace, that stability in the mind, that happiness and enthusiasm!

How to kindle that feeling of love and peace:
Connect with the source within, the SELF!! Meditate and understand your own innermost nature. Not some high funda philosophy, but the discovery of the fact that simple practical ways and breathing techniques can bring about marvelous changes in attitude, thinking and our perspective of life, besides having health benefits.

Realization again!
Peace in the world will come when every individual is peaceful. Once we are at peace, avenues to contribute open up...on their own. The peace within, will automatically flow outwards. - 'We can only give what we have' - Everything originates within us…
And yet the fact that the surest way of coming out of our own inadequacies and frustrations is to go out and help others! The beautiful cycle continues….

Anger and frustration bring forth reactions and not actions. Constructive and creative actions and the ability to understand and accept people around us, needs the backing of a clear, peaceful mind. Focusing on being peaceful and loving ‘OURSELVES’ is the first step to making the world a more beautiful place :).
When we come from a space of giving, contributing, there is never any dearth of things that we can do. Sometimes skepticism and our own judgments prevent us from trying and experiencing new things. Who is at loss ultimately?

My learning and unlearning:
Be open to explore new things without bias. Experience it fully and see what benefit it brings to life. ‘If it does, live up to it and share it, if it doesn’t, chuck it!’ Biased and judgmental opinions, without experiencing are simply useless. To add, on the path to self discovery, the first thing one needs to get rid of is ‘guilt.’ When we give our best, there can never be any regrets. Regret is simply a reflection that we haven't done our best in the given circumstances.

“Learning to appreciate people and my own self,” “Faith in the divine,” and the “What can I do for you” attitude - My biggest learnings…

The Future perspective:
I now understand that a very important aspect in life is a mix of ‘do what you enjoy’ and ‘enjoy what you get’ :). The fact that I am able to bring some positive change in the lives of people around me, make them smile, motivates me to do more. Not with the feverishness of achieving or creating something to show the world, but because it helps ‘ME’ grow into a better person day by day. Fills up my life with more joy, love n peace.
What I give, I receive..

Heard this recently:
"All the problems in the world are because fools are too sure of themselves and the wise are still in doubt over what they can do."
“Jaisi Drishti Vaisi Srishti. As is the vision, so is the world.”
Radiate that love, peace and belongingness that you expect from others :)
Think beautiful!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Simply flowed..

The whirlwind of thoughts in my head, sounds of Ashtavakra and what flowed was this .....

Surface storms that rise and blow away
Life sucks and yet rocks and sways
Turning life towards a new zing
It’s the time to dance n sing!!

Life’s storms tear and rip,
Wave upon wave
Bigger than the biggest wave, stronger than the raging storm
Is the one beautiful youuuuuuuuu
Wherz the time to think when u can sing!!

Lashing waves n strong winds abound
The stillness n calmness
That watches these events and storms unflolding
That eternal witness is youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Forgetting the madness of this world
Let your heart simply swing n sing!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Joy is simply the highest state of being, and being is what we are...So at the peak 'We are all Joy'....Experiencing joy then becomes experiencing yourself...something that is indefinable!
How can we look for happiness outside and in things, when we are 'JOY'?
To add:
If you are full n happy, it is not possible that this will not flow to others...There is no other way...

And so follows ... Just Be.. When you are right here, right now, no thoughts, no expectations, no attachments, completely in the present --you are nothing but happiness....
How to Just Be - Meditate...and serve. Let the 'I' dissolve...

Antarmukhi Sadasukhi :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Understanding Chakras

A fabulous AMC (advanced course) with Tanu ma (Rishi Nitya Pragya jis wife) and 1500 other participants..A beautiful explanation of the chakras and associated emotions given in the AMC by Tanu ma..Trying to put together all that I can remember.

The chakra at the base of the spine is called the Muladhara chakra and is associated with enthusiasm as well as its opposite emotion which is not having the will to do anything (Jadta).
The second chakra is the Swadisthana chakra, a few inches above the base chakra associated with procreation as well as creativity.
The third chakra is the Manipura chakra in the navel region associated with emotions of generosity, will power, jealousy and desire
The fourth chakra is the Anahata (heart) chakra associated with fear and love.
The fifth is the Vishuddhi (throat) chakra associated with suffering (dukha) and gratitude, thats why whenever we are sad or full of gratitude, the throat area gets choked.
The sixth chakra is the Ajna chakra, between the eyebrows and is associated with emotions of anger as well as awareness.
The seventh chakra is the Sahasrara chakra at the top of the head associated with bliss.

These emotions are associated with sensations in the corresponding chakra region..

I had always wondered why we were asked to observe the sensations in the body during kriya and even otherwise and finally got my answer:

What is significant about the explanation about chakras and corresponding emotions is that when we observe positive emotions or the sensations in the corresponding chakra regions they have a tendency to increase and when we observe the negative emotions and corresponding sensations they are transformed into positive emotions.

So if you are angry, the moment you realize that you are angry and start observing the sensations in the area between the eyebrows, the anger subsides and awareness expands.

Also as we observe each chakra and corresponding sensations, the energy rises upwards opening up chakras from the base chakra to the sahasrara, and energizing the whole body in the process.


An amazing time at the ashram with Guruji this Janmashtami:)
Grace flowing in full force, with two participants at the AMC sharing experiences of disappearance of cancer! One young boys blood cancer in the second stage disappeared simply after the basic course and after doing sudarshan kriya. He had come with his family to meet Guruji..

Another young girl (ard 27-28 years old) with cancer got cured after taking up an advanced course following a meeting with Gurudev. She had been suffering from fear of closed spaces and now felt free of all her phobias. Nothing short of ecstacy was her ex-pression as she shouted, I love you Guruji in front of thousands of people.:)

A special group of habituated cigarette smokers had come from the city after attending a special course for smokers. (People who had been in the habit for 40, 50 years) came at the Sunday satsang and reported:
An elderly gentleman smoking for 55 years, quit on the first day of the special course..
Another one smoking for more than 40 years hasnt touched a cigarette since he did the course :)
All of them overflowing with gratitude.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Loving Thoughts

Read this somewhere....Felt it many times so sharing it:)

"There is no force on earth more powerful than a loving thought.When we think of anything specifically something special occurs. If for example we think loving thoughts about someone even so far away a magnetic rapport is immediately established, because thought transcends space and time. If the one we think about is at all sensitive, it will cause the person to think of us. Thought is very powerful and as we evolve the thought becomes more n more powerful."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free will and destiny

A debate that has man involved since years! The correct thought (intuition) just how does it arise and what is this thing about willing it all? (Law of attraction and The Secret)

The more you meditate and the calmer you become the lesser your desires and the cycle starts. The lesser your desires, the better the meditation! So for you to go deep within, you need to get out of the feverishness of desires. The way to do it is meditation :)

Understanding dispassion here is also very important.

Attachment, passion for objects or goals, doesn’t let you rest. And meditation cannot happen if the mind doesn’t rest. If there is no meditation, mind does not calm down, and in an unsteady mind, an intuitive thought cannot come. So the cycle continues…..

With regular kriya and meditation, the mind starts to calm down and in that peaceful state of mind, the thoughts that come are intuitive. Then the mind is able to catch the frequencies around of what is happening or is likely to happen. And when that thought materializes we feel Look I thought and it happened, though it is more like, it was going to happen but I caught the thought before it happened. (Happened so many times with me that I just knew it wasn’t because I asked for something, but just that my mind was catching the thought before it materialized.)

Like the other day when I had finished my kriya in the mng, and I got the thought ‘Gulab jamun’… It just kept ringing around me…
And I wondered why I thought of it. So I joked Guruji, now u have to send gulab jamun today..
I went downstairs to the kitchen to see what I could have for breakfast, zeroed in on khakra and just then mom placed a gulab jamun in my plate, saying the neighbours just sent this :D
Do I need to say nethg more??

Another beauty of nature: when the mind is at rest, and focused on the divine, nature waits to fulfil your needs even before they arise. So there is nothing to ask for :)

Not to underestimate master’s grace, that is what can take you out of anything :)

“When your nervous system is clear, the thoughts that come are intuitive thoughts. Intuitive thoughts are those which are in alignment with whatever is happening. So you call that free will. Whether you have absolute free will or absolute destiny it is the same.” Sri Sri

Monday, July 6, 2009

Art of Living:)

"Loving without condition, talking without intention, giving without reason and caring without expectation" is the Art of Living:)

Facing challenges with ease, respecting everyone and smiling through life is the Art of Living:)

Weaving magic into your life, feeling the grace flow through... and living each moment fully is the Art of Living:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

One Smile:)

One Smile
Enough To Blow Away Years Of Misery
One Smile
And I Melt At Your Feet
One Smile
And My Heart Bursts With Fullness
One Smile
And I Feel So Near You
One Smile
And All I Can Do Is Thank You
One Smile
And I Know I'm Taken Care Of
One Smile....:)

Asatoma Ma Sadgamaya

Asatoma Sadgamaya
Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya
Mrutyurma amrutamgamaya.
Om Shaantihi Shaantihi Shaantihi

Lead me from the asat to the sat.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality
Let There Be Peace Peace Peace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Even This Will Pass Away

Even This Will Pass Away

Once in Persia reigned a king, Who upon a signet ring, Carved a maxim strange and wise, When held before his eyes, Gave him counsel at a glance, Fit for every change and chance: Solemn words, and these were they:

Trains of camel through the sand Brought him gems from Samarcand; Fleets of galleys over the seas Brought him pearls to rival these, But he counted little gain, Treasures of the mine or main; “What is wealth?” the king would say,

Mid the pleasures of his court At the zenith of their sport, When the palms of all his guests Burned with clapping at his jests, Seated midst the figs and wine, Said the king, “Ah, friends of mine. Pleasure comes but not to stay,

Woman, fairest ever seen Was the bride he crowned as queen, Pillowed on the marriage-bed Whispering to his soul, he said, “Though no monarch ever pressed Fairer bosom to his breast, Mortal flesh is only clay!

Fighting on the furious field, Once a javelin pierced his shield, Soldiers with a loud lament Bore him bleeding to his tortured side, “Pain is hard to bear;” he cried. “But with patience, day by day,

Towering in a public square Forty cubits in this air, And the king disguised, unknown, Gazed upon his sculptured name. And he pondered, “What is fame?” “Fame is but a slow decay!

Struck with palsy, sore and old, Waiting at the gates of gold, Said he with his dying breath “Life is done, but what is Death?” Then as answer to the king Fell a sunbeam on his ring; Showing by a heavenly ray.

—Theodore Tilton

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wherz the focus

The difference between being material or spiritual, in whatever you do is only that of your "INTENTION":)

The same thing we are doing, just by a change of intention, the underlying thought process behind the act, becomes a means to uplift ourselves as well as others….from mere selfish gain, to a means of contributing…

In helping people around us we find that ultimately the beneficiary is only our own self..and that there is no other..

Coming from a space of simply loving and giving, you feel the whole world around you also resonates with the same frequency… “Love”

When the inward focus shifts to the ‘ Who am I’, and the outward focus shifts from the ‘I’ and ‘me’ to the ‘we’ and ‘us’, everything around us begins to change :) for the better......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So So.......... Beautiful!!

"When your attachment shifts from the work at hand to name and fame, it is time to go within.

Be ready to face any challenges that society throws at you. It is said that gold shines more brilliantly, the more it is beaten. When you squeeze sugarcane, it gives you sweetness. Sandalwood when ground, gives fragrance. Stay in your nature even while under pressure. Every situation that comes to us is for our upliftment."

"Connect and attach yourself to the name (the mantra that you receive from the Master). The mantra establishes you in the witness consciousness. Of the mantras, the highest is the 'ajapa jap', the mantra which resonates effortlessly and spontaneously in our consciousness. It is not a doing but a happening. That is So Ham. It resonates eternally. When we experience this with awareness, it becomes meditation."

"You must keep a balance in life. Our jobs are meant to bring people/families together, a means of livelihood. Spirituality is our breath, is of utmost importance. Take these two aspects together. If you are free from family responsibilities, then you can focus on service. Till that time, you must take both together. There are some people who are free to serve humanity without concern for their livelihood. In that situation, do not crave for comforts.

Be content and serve. Anyway, those who are completely devoted to serving society, their needs are fulfilled even as they arise."
Sri Sri

Feeling blessed to be born when Gurudev is around.. Truly, madly n deeply in Love:))

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You walk until you come to the ocean. You don’t walk or run in the ocean – you float and swim. Like this, once you come to the Master, seeking stops, blossoming begins. You seek until you come to the Master.

Seeking is a desire. Desire is a thought. Thoughts are in the mind. The mind is in the Big Mind. The Big Mind in me is love. Emotions are ripples in love. Love is all Knowledge. Every atom of the Big Mind is crammed with Knowledge.

Knowing this, you stop seeking.

You are Knowledge. Every atom in you is shimmering with Knowledge.

In Sanskrit, this is called go. 'Go' has four meanings: * Knowledge * Movement * Achievement * Freedom or liberation

'Pal' means friend or protector – one who takes care of you. Be a Gopal (go-pal); be a friend in Knowledge. Often you become friends by: * Gossiping about negative things * Complaining * Similar cravings or aversions * Common enemies or common problems * Common goals or common addictions You become friends with someone because you have something in common.

But coming together in Knowledge is rare. Be a friend in Knowledge. Uplift each other in Knowledge.

All satsangees are Gopals – reminding each other of the Knowledge, coming together for Knowledge. That is Gopal.

Be a protector of this Knowledge.

Sri Sri

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My latest Guru story:)

The place where I stay in Ahmedabad is Bopal, which has lately seen a lot of digging activity as pipelines and sewage lines are being laid and roads have been dug up. In the rains the place would have been terrible coz there was so much of mud and the main road connecting Bopal to the highway was simply in bits n pieces. Since I will be going to SSRVM regularly for the next three months from Monday I just spoke to Guruji (Am sure we all know where to talk with Guruji na :) in the air….

I said ‘How can you expect me to drive through this road if it rains Guruji. It will be impossible to travel on this road and I have to teach for the next three months, all rainy ones….

Two days later I go on the same road (same?????)
Completely laid............................A brand new road is ready…. :))))))
Coincidence?? But what if they keep happening n happening n happening…..
"When you spread knowledge nature will bend to serve you".
Love u Guruji:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the roads of Ahmedabad!

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
Traffic signals!! From my understanding here the Red signal means ‘Go’ n the Green means ‘Wait and see before you move’. Aur Yellow! Woh kya hota hai?? Although I learnt driving in the mid-90s, gaadi chalai to yahaaan aake, and do I regret it?? No way..
Where else can you have the experience of driving with almost nonexistent signals, crossroads with traffic from all over and no policeman in sight, people driving on the wrong side of the road at a speed you wouldn’t dare on the highway.. (well thoda zyada ho gaya) Lol…. But That’s the way it is here!!

Keeping your cool while driving here = Meditation in motion :)

Helps to practice all that I have learnt from Master – most importantly awareness, patience and keeping the smile through it all.

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
I have never come across anyone raising their voice, (except my Dad :)) People here seem to be so cool( I mean literally), dunno how people employing them can manage to get them to work…
And in case you get worked up seeing the lethargy, one comment which you would most definitely hear, “ Tension nahin lene ka.” Have heard it more than a hundred times since I came here and although it raised tempers earlier on, I think now the coolness is beginning to rub off on me as well….Must be the air or water or simply the space.. ha ha
That’s the way it is here!!

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
In my life have I ever seen so many golgappa stalls?? Nowhere except here.. called the ‘Pakodi Centres’
Where the wife or girl friend won’t return home after an evening out until shez been treated to this amazing tangy water filled delicacy… As for hygiene, don’t venture near any of the roadside ones, unless your digestive system can manage the stress this delicacy can effect :)
That’s the way it is here!!

Now for the good part – Big roads, fabulous food -vada pao, pao bhaji, bhel puri, lots of tie n dye fabrics, lots of excellent Vegetarian restaurants and Havmor ice cream!! (though my all time favourite any day is just Nirula’s triple sundaes with loads of sauces and roasted nuts.. yummmmmm).

But I guess where Ahmedabad takes the cake is that it’s a safe haven, unlike Delhi where girls would think twice before venturing out alone in the late evenings…The vibrations in this city are sooooo.... positive! A lot I guess is because overall people here are extremely religious and spiritual..

Understanding that “opposite values are complementary.”
Missing Delhi sometimes but njoying Ahmedabad too…….

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Words and words are all we SEEM to have!

Taking time to reflect -- What affects us most from morning to night, at school, at college, at work, at home??WORDS - WORDS - WORDS...... reflecting our actions, thoughts and feelings and just about anything from anger, frustration, jealousy, love, knowledge..

How do we react when people say or do unpleasant things? Do we hit back or keep quiet and move away?Is there a way to make an angry person understand through words? And what type of words do we like to hear? Given a chance to choose what we would like to hear, I am sure noone would say, 'I like listening to harsh, angry and abusive words!' A fact that we already know, but how often are we aware of what we end up saying all the time!!

Awareness of what hurts us or what we don't like to listen from others is a great way to understand what others don't expect to hear from us:)We seem to be full of words..but the point to ponder on is what kind of a universe are our words creating?

Whenever I am in a situation that I don't seem to be liking I remember these words from Guruji:
"Never mind any words from anybody. If you could just do that, then you have won the world."

Spacing out....

"Many read spiritual knowledge like everything else. On the go, between Iphones & Blackberries. When something soothes your heart/mind-STOP for a moment. REST in that knowledge. Sit for a moment. Don't say yes I agree or no. Just take SHADE from all your mental & physical activity. Give knowledge, this SUTRA, time to SPACE OUT in you.
ONE MOMENT can change your entire perception FOREVER."
Dvorah Adler

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Many times this thought crossed my mind!
"Why do educated people sometimes behave in the most irresponsible manner possible."
Not that I am perfect, but nevertheless the thought. At that moment I would also wonder whether the thought came because the other person's behaviour affected me, was directed towards me, or was I worried because the action was harming the person in question more than anyone else. And unconsciously at that moment I would pray, Oh God please help him/her to react more positively, or leave that particular habit which was more than anything -- self destructive.

Then came the blessings course and suddenly I realized the power to bless was inherent in all of us. Just that we did not use it as often as we should:) and then came this question that Gurudev answered in one of the satsangs.....
Q. Can I take a sankalpa for a change in someone else’s behavior?
Sri Sri: "Do it, take it. Bless them to behave better. When you want to bless someone because their behavior hurts you, it doesn’t work. When you want to bless them because their behavior hurts them, that would work. That is compassion. Say: May you behave better, so that you can be happier."

And I knew I could use the power to bless(Power sounds so funny...:) more and more, to help people around me....How master empowers to always keep the perspective on doing one's bit for people around!!:) To add as he himself says:
"There is no such thing as big seva (service) or small seva. The fruits of both are the same. Do service as much as you are capable of. Put all your energy into it. Whatever service you do within your capabilities will bear good result. The feeling, the intention behind every seva is important."

If your intention is pure and soaked in knowledge and love, it will do its work:))))

I know I can never be grateful enough for your presence Guruji :)...
Om shanti shanti shanti..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ego and when to use it

Sri Sri :
Who is using the ego? How much we need the ego?
We need the ego when we get depressed. To come out of your depression, you need your ego. Ego says, come on, what is this, nothing can touch me. And when you think you are failing, then, you need your ego.

But, when you think you have succeeded, then ego becomes dangerous. In your success, drop your ego. In your failure, hold on to the ego. Again, accepting the failure…There are two options for you. One is the higher self, the divine or the higher self, surrendering to the Divine. Then what happens, the small ego which identifies itself with the body/mind complex, your thought process, your concepts, breaks from that and becomes bigger.
The whole life is a process of expanding the ego. How much you can expand the ego? Patriotism is nothing but an expanded ego to the boundaries of the land. Patriotism is, you say you are Canadian—that means your ego is expanded to the boundaries from Vancouver to Newfoundland. That’s your ego. But, if that ego expands further up and beyond all the territories–this earth belongs to me. And the Divine belongs to me, the whole universe belongs to me. Then comes the great sentence–So Hum, I am that. I am that. So the expansion of ego.

But this ego, if it is not fully expanded or totally come to the focal point of nothingness, in between it gives you tears, problems, worries. To do work, to face challenges, to take on new things, pump the ego. Otherwise, subdue it. It’s very subtle. You can easily mistake that.

When we say erase the ego, you only mean a different type of ego. The ego which needs someone else for you to be there. But the ego is not there usually at all. Once you know it is there, it’s not desperate. Until you know it is there, a long time has passed by. Till that time it was necessary. Hum?

Ego as the opposite of childlikeness, it’s not necessary. Ego as the stiffness in you, is not necessary. What do you say? So ego has its place. Keep it in the pocket. Even money should be in your wallet not in your head, in your mind.

Similarly ego should be in its place, but not when there is love, when there is oneness, when there is spirituality. When it comes to learning ego should be dissolved.
When ego should be there? When there is a place to fight. There ego is essential. Where there is a challenge, where there is a creativity, ego is essential.

When there is a place to celebrate, no ego.
Where there is a place to learn, no ego.
Where there is a place to learn and accept your mistakes, no ego.
When there is love and togetherness, no ego. There you be like a child, free. Cause if you have ego, what will you learn, you can never do it because you will always take a position and block it and you will not be able to see.
In your perception and in your expression, no ego. When you are to make friends, ego will be a hindrance. When you want to make friends, ego is? Hindrance. When you want to oppose an enemy, ego is a great friend. When you want to negotiate and do a business deal, ego will help. So place everything where it belongs to. What do you say.
Sri Sri.

To add another quote I read, and felt was so true…
“Without control over harsh words and without refinement in expression and tactfulness in behaviour no success is possible.”

If you feel success is eluding you, take a look at how you behave with people around…..
Treating people as if they are objects, mere cogs in a machine, set to fulfil your own personal desires can never get you what you want. Setting your goals in a manner that is self fulfilling as well as beneficial to others, being positive and grateful for all the good things you have, being genuinely interested in people, giving reverence to relationships and people just for their mere presence and not because of how much and what they add to your life, are the reasons that bring nature to work for you...

When you are unable to communicate well, know that the ego has taken over you.
When all your relationships are based on what you are getting from the other, know that its ego.
When you are looking at people only with a view of ‘What can I extract from this person for my own good’ know it’s the ego…:)

“Those who take, eat well, but those who give, sleep well!!” Expect less, give more and sleep well……

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

From something to everything

"Enlightenment for a wave is the moment the wave realizes that it is water.At that moment, all fear of death disappears."
Thich Nhat Hanh

And: The moment the wave realizes that it is water it also becomes the ocean.
From something to nothing to everything.........:)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Unending Questions....

Questions and more questions and I found all the answers myself:)

Q. Sometimes I wonder where these thoughts come from?
Now I understand they just come, n we can be aware of them as a witness n decide whether to act on them or not..

Q. The pressure of doing sometimes is so nerve wracking that you wonder why someone else’s opinion is so important in our lives?
It isn’t. Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log..

Q. What makes some people important and others not?
Just in the mind:)……

Q. Why are some solitary moments so lonely and others so fulfilling and rich?
Convert the loneliness into bliss..

Q. What makes life worth living?
Loving n giving.

Q. Why sometimes in the most insignificant tasks do we find so much happiness?
Coz its straight from the heart…

Q. Why sometimes high paying jobs make you want to run away and activities where you have to spend without any returns give so much satisfaction?
Just love flowing through as seva. Give way …..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gurudev in bangalore:)

Fabulous effort by Ashram team. We now have Guruji's wisdom on the net and his latest from the evening satsangs, while he is in Bangalore.

Nectar drops of wisdom from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

'Realising the self is our first aim, our first duty.'

‘It is only spiritual knowledge that can cut off a narrow mentality’

'Jana seve, janardhan seve – service to mankind is service to God.'

'People who meditate have double responsibility’

'Just being grateful is also puja. Just offer a flower or even a smile. Seva is puja.'

‘This year keep your spiritual goal’

'Antarmukhi, sadasukhi'

'Meditate, do satsang, read knowledge sheets. By doing that, you are helping others who have a hard time'

‘Everything is nothing.’

This last bit got me so interested that I read up volumes on quantum physics, consciousness, philosophy and what not. more on that tooo coming up soon....:)

Love u guruji. thanks for lighting up my life ...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Buddhist Quotes

Here are some beautiful Buddhist quotes and sayings:

"Remember always that you are just a visitor here, a traveler passing through. your stay is but short and the moment of your departure unknown.None can live without toil and a craft that provides your needs is a blessing indeed. But if you toil without rest, fatigue and wearness will overtake you, and you will denied the joy that comes from labour's end.Speak quietly and kindly and be not forward with either opinions or advice. If you talk much, this will make you deaf to what others say, and you should know that there are few so wise that they cannot learn from others.Be near when help is needed, but far when praise and thanks are being offered.Take small account of might, wealth and fame, for they soon pass and are forgotten. Instead, nurture love within you and and strive to be a friend to all. Truly, compassion is a balm for many wounds.Treasure silence when you find it, and while being mindful of your duties, set time aside, to be alone with yourself. Cast off pretense and self-deception and see yourself as you really are.Despite all appearances, no one is really evil. They are led astray by ignorance. If you ponder this truth always you will offer more light, rather then blame and condemnation.You, no less than all beings have Buddha Nature within. Your essential Mind is pure. Therefore, when defilements cause you to stumble and fall, let not remose nor dark foreboding cast you down. Be of good cheer and with this understanding, summon strength and walk on.Faith is like a lamp and wisdom makes the flame burn bright. Carry this lamp always and in good time the darkness will yield and you will abide in the Light."

"Develop the mind of equilibrium.You will always be getting praise and blame,but do not let either affect the poise of the mind:follow the calmness, the absence of pride."
Sutta Nipata

"Like it or not, if you look at your own mind you will discover it is void and groundless; as insubstantial as empty space."
Padma Sambhava

"If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."
Thich Nhat Hanh

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Moment

Through the laughter in the spring,
And the pain in the rain,
To the depth of existence,
To the being in me,
Every moment, this moment, fully lived, well lived.

The road less travelled,
That throws limitations to face,
To the path of love,
To the realm of bliss,
Every moment, this moment, fully lived, well lived.

Enchanting astonishing
This journey of life
Surpassing limitations, exceeding expectations,
Passion dispassion, which way to go,
Every moment, this moment, fully lived, well lived.

Endless questions, scant answers,
Travelling but nowhere to go,
Thy grace this faith,
Keeps life moving,
Every moment, this moment, fully lived, well lived.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to School

It has been just a few days since I began spending time with kids at SSRVM Ahmedabad. Being in a new city and wanting to be stay associated with AOL, I found this was the best way to explore new territories and identify and break my barriers in the process. (or put another way, master's choice for me to explore life and myself better).
KIDS!! Can be loving, completely attentive or completely inattentive.:) ALWAYS 100%. Yet every eye seems full of that divinty and love that Guruji has made visible.
The journey continues! Experiences, both sweet and sour, yet every moment moving in faith............