Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learning: A two way Process

Being at school, I get to observe kids, and a whole lot of them, very closely. My decision to volunteer to teach primary kids at SSRVM was simply based on one fact - There was no one else at the time to do that job, and if I did not take the responsibility, the children would suffer. And though I went as a teacher, the past few months have been so enriching and full of learning that I wonder ‘who is learning more’!! :)

The most amazing part about kids I feel is their grasping ability coupled with their innocence.
Apart from information, kids are great at picking out how parents, teachers and their peers behave in different situations. When I interact with parents, I am immediately able to recognize what aspect of the parent the child has imbibed, It’s so apparent. (Not to mention, that I can read people easily) 

Also, apart from what we tell them consciously, a lot of things that we may say or do, in an almost unconscious manner, also gets deeply ingrained in their psyche. As parents and teachers, I guess it’s a big responsibility and extremely important to see what kind of information and surroundings we are giving our children. Their whole future depends a lot on the value system, habits and knowledge they imbibe by seeing people around them in their initial formative years. To add, their needs of security, feeling loved and being taken care of, attended to when they need it, are the most important aspects in their upbringing.

A small gesture like a pat on the cheek, a hug when they do something creative and appreciation of their talents can go a long way in boosting their self confidence.

Just this morning we took the kids for an outing to Crossword (the bookstore) and after around 15 minutes I found a lady coming up to me and saying, I want my child to be admitted in a school that has lovable kids like these, who also speak such good English, pointing to two of my ‘lil ones.’ Can’t describe how proud and amazing I felt. In just a few minutes, my two brats had spoken to the lady about our school and our teaching methodology and convinced her to explore it for her children.  (Future marketing gurus;))

Their innocent smiles, unending enthusiasm, openness to new things, love for challenges, ability to forget and forgive easily (one moment one may hit the other and the next moment you will find them swinging arms n smiling) and the respect and love they give you, is simply beautiful.

And when I hear them saying, "Cut the past, shut the future - be in the present," "Give your 100%," "Smile" at the age of 10-12, I can't help but be sure, they have a great present and so a great future. :)))


  1. WOW! Your last article was really an enjoyable read too. JGD

  2. Wow! You must be having a great time with them.
    I am envy.

  3. @nands :)) Love being wid them!!
    @bhaws: Thx:)