Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rise High but stay Grounded :)

I remember this poem from school probably 2nd Standard.. :)

Khada Himalaya bata raha hai,
Daro na aandhi paani mein.
Khade raho tum avichal hokar,
Sab sankat tufani mein

Digo na apne pran se, to tum
Sab kuchh paa sakte ho pyare,
Tum bhi uche uth sakte ho
Chuu sakte ho nabh ke tare.

Achal raha jo apne path par,
Lakh musibat aane mein,
Mili safalta jag mein us ko
Jine mein mar jane mein......

Commitment n Faith...:)

Let Go... :)

"Just as the bird has to find the courage to let go of the branch in order to fly, so we also must let go of our branches if we are to know the exhilaration of soaring to the highest potential of our life.

The branches we hold to are our inner attachments - our beliefs, ideas and memories. And then there are the outer attachments - people, possessions, positions and privileges are a few.

But as long as we hold on to them we will live in fear (of letting go and loss) and we will never be free. And just watch those birds, by letting go of one branch they are able to spend the rest of their life alighting on a million other branches, and they enjoy the view from each.

Are you flying and soaring in your life, or are you stuck on one branch, cursing others as they fly past.

Go on, try it ...let go!"