Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Learning: A two way Process

Being at school, I get to observe kids, and a whole lot of them, very closely. My decision to volunteer to teach primary kids at SSRVM was simply based on one fact - There was no one else at the time to do that job, and if I did not take the responsibility, the children would suffer. And though I went as a teacher, the past few months have been so enriching and full of learning that I wonder ‘who is learning more’!! :)

The most amazing part about kids I feel is their grasping ability coupled with their innocence.
Apart from information, kids are great at picking out how parents, teachers and their peers behave in different situations. When I interact with parents, I am immediately able to recognize what aspect of the parent the child has imbibed, It’s so apparent. (Not to mention, that I can read people easily) 

Also, apart from what we tell them consciously, a lot of things that we may say or do, in an almost unconscious manner, also gets deeply ingrained in their psyche. As parents and teachers, I guess it’s a big responsibility and extremely important to see what kind of information and surroundings we are giving our children. Their whole future depends a lot on the value system, habits and knowledge they imbibe by seeing people around them in their initial formative years. To add, their needs of security, feeling loved and being taken care of, attended to when they need it, are the most important aspects in their upbringing.

A small gesture like a pat on the cheek, a hug when they do something creative and appreciation of their talents can go a long way in boosting their self confidence.

Just this morning we took the kids for an outing to Crossword (the bookstore) and after around 15 minutes I found a lady coming up to me and saying, I want my child to be admitted in a school that has lovable kids like these, who also speak such good English, pointing to two of my ‘lil ones.’ Can’t describe how proud and amazing I felt. In just a few minutes, my two brats had spoken to the lady about our school and our teaching methodology and convinced her to explore it for her children.  (Future marketing gurus;))

Their innocent smiles, unending enthusiasm, openness to new things, love for challenges, ability to forget and forgive easily (one moment one may hit the other and the next moment you will find them swinging arms n smiling) and the respect and love they give you, is simply beautiful.

And when I hear them saying, "Cut the past, shut the future - be in the present," "Give your 100%," "Smile" at the age of 10-12, I can't help but be sure, they have a great present and so a great future. :)))

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Radiate Love and Peace: Be the Change you want to see in the World :)

A journey into my experiences with this jig called ‘LIFE’

Things that I would often ‘WONDER’ about - Not questions :)
· Why was the increase in financial independence and growth not accompanied by a simultaneous increase in happiness around! On the contrary there was more stress.
· When we blame someone for ruining our peace and happiness, do we reflect on seeing how much responsibility we have taken!!
· At work and in achieving professional goals, we stress on being creators of opportunities and being the ‘Centre of the Universe.’ Then why does the same rule not apply when we think about world peace and bringing change in society!
· Where does the thought to kill, rob, rape originate! And from where do compassion, love, peace and belongingness spring up!!
· Though not denying the fact that terrible incidents are happening around the world, what help are we doing to the world by being angry, frustrated, guilty, and feeling victimized!!
· What is the idiot box really doing these days: The relevance( or irrelevance) of endless talks and discussions on different channels, a futile exercise, which perhaps stemmed from the need of news channels to raise TRPs and revenues than to focus on bringing about some real solutions. Amazing news reporting including ‘kaali billi ne safed bacche diye’ …:D. The terrible agonies of saas n bahus (endless sagas ), Ah!

· And most importantly the recurring thought: What am I doing here!!

In looking at these things and more, I realized that deep within was this quest for ‘meaning in life.’ Financial independence, successful career, these were words that probably ‘NEVER’ had any meaning for me (though I understand how important they are for some) if I was not enjoying myself. When I began focusing on what would give me happiness, I realized that I had so many talents that could be put to different uses, and to help people in my own special ways. ‘BEING USEFUL’, helping to bring a positive change in society perhaps to make one more person smile….:)

Time for the next step:
‘We can't go put out fire around the world, if our own house is on fire.’
Before I went all out to expect peace and happiness and bring some change in the world, the reality check was --- "Am I peaceful! Am I happy!" Then came work on gaining that peace, that stability in the mind, that happiness and enthusiasm!

How to kindle that feeling of love and peace:
Connect with the source within, the SELF!! Meditate and understand your own innermost nature. Not some high funda philosophy, but the discovery of the fact that simple practical ways and breathing techniques can bring about marvelous changes in attitude, thinking and our perspective of life, besides having health benefits.

Realization again!
Peace in the world will come when every individual is peaceful. Once we are at peace, avenues to contribute open up...on their own. The peace within, will automatically flow outwards. - 'We can only give what we have' - Everything originates within us…
And yet the fact that the surest way of coming out of our own inadequacies and frustrations is to go out and help others! The beautiful cycle continues….

Anger and frustration bring forth reactions and not actions. Constructive and creative actions and the ability to understand and accept people around us, needs the backing of a clear, peaceful mind. Focusing on being peaceful and loving ‘OURSELVES’ is the first step to making the world a more beautiful place :).
When we come from a space of giving, contributing, there is never any dearth of things that we can do. Sometimes skepticism and our own judgments prevent us from trying and experiencing new things. Who is at loss ultimately?

My learning and unlearning:
Be open to explore new things without bias. Experience it fully and see what benefit it brings to life. ‘If it does, live up to it and share it, if it doesn’t, chuck it!’ Biased and judgmental opinions, without experiencing are simply useless. To add, on the path to self discovery, the first thing one needs to get rid of is ‘guilt.’ When we give our best, there can never be any regrets. Regret is simply a reflection that we haven't done our best in the given circumstances.

“Learning to appreciate people and my own self,” “Faith in the divine,” and the “What can I do for you” attitude - My biggest learnings…

The Future perspective:
I now understand that a very important aspect in life is a mix of ‘do what you enjoy’ and ‘enjoy what you get’ :). The fact that I am able to bring some positive change in the lives of people around me, make them smile, motivates me to do more. Not with the feverishness of achieving or creating something to show the world, but because it helps ‘ME’ grow into a better person day by day. Fills up my life with more joy, love n peace.
What I give, I receive..

Heard this recently:
"All the problems in the world are because fools are too sure of themselves and the wise are still in doubt over what they can do."
“Jaisi Drishti Vaisi Srishti. As is the vision, so is the world.”
Radiate that love, peace and belongingness that you expect from others :)
Think beautiful!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Simply flowed..

The whirlwind of thoughts in my head, sounds of Ashtavakra and what flowed was this .....

Surface storms that rise and blow away
Life sucks and yet rocks and sways
Turning life towards a new zing
It’s the time to dance n sing!!

Life’s storms tear and rip,
Wave upon wave
Bigger than the biggest wave, stronger than the raging storm
Is the one beautiful youuuuuuuuu
Wherz the time to think when u can sing!!

Lashing waves n strong winds abound
The stillness n calmness
That watches these events and storms unflolding
That eternal witness is youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Forgetting the madness of this world
Let your heart simply swing n sing!!