Friday, October 23, 2009

Head or Heart :)

Head is obsessed, Heart is free
Head desires, Heart longs
Head expects, Heart fulfills
Head demands, Heart is grateful
Head blames, Heart forgives
Head argues, Heart feels
Head divides, Heart unites
Head competes, Heart cooperates
Head reasons, Heart loves

And the whole journey is from the 'Head' to the 'Heart' :) coz all that everyone wants is a little more 'love'....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My first Bal Chetna Shibir :)

'Love moves the world'
With Guruji's grace, finally my first Bal chetna shibir at Visamo Kids, Ahmedabad,with Chetna di.. Amazing experience.. Once again experiencing the power of intentions and the grace of the master.
And all that the kids wanted to hear towards the end of the shibir were more and more Guru stories..:) To be able to give Mantra diksha to around 60 lovely n loving children on Sharad Poornima '3rd October', what more could I want...Tears not stopping since then.
Love you Guruji for everything....
"Tum mile to jadoo cha gaya, tum mile to jeena aa gaya, tum mile to maine paya hai khuda ":)
In Gratitude.... :)