Saturday, January 30, 2010


Read this recently -
"Upanishad", sitting at the feet of the master."

"The Master's presence is like that of the sun, the rays of which simply penetrate the surroundings. If a cube of ice is put in the sun, it melts in no time. Just like that, our samskaras simply dissolve in the intense energy field of the Master.

The sun does not think about who is coming near it and then decide whether to shine or not. It shines no matter what. Master's compassion does not have logic. There is no calculation involved or an ulterior motive when the Master radiates his love and compassion.

It is whether we want to allow ourselves to melt or we choose to hold back. It does not matter what He talks, every word is like an arrow hitting our inner space and killing the demons of ego and conditionings. ...

Master wants our transformation, our growth, our joy. Why should he be so bothered about our growth? For no logical reason. This is called compassion."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happiness, Love and Knowledge

The first post of the year and these are the only words that come into my mind, ‘Happiness, Love and Knowledge’

Are we ‘Happy’
The only prominent ‘question’ that Guruji often asks is: ‘Are you happy?’ At that time, being in front of the master, completely in bliss, there isn’t any need of any answer. But back in the grind of life, huh, perhaps it’s not always so..
At the same time, wanting to be ‘always’ happy is well, the best way to stay unhappy.
To add,
The surest way to get depressed is to think - 'What About Me!'
The surest way to happiness is the - 'What can I do for you attitude!' Then the focus in life shifts from what about me and what makes me happy to what I can do to make someone else happy. If one looks closely at people and talks to them, one would discover that everyone needs someone to share their experiences. People like to be with a good listener… Can we give some of our time to be with people who need us?

Wanting is Pain, Giving is Joy :) Do we still ‘want’!!
What happens inside us when we want something? Can we feel good, happy, joyful, if we want something? It simply means we don’t have it..Lack! That’s the signal we begin sending to the Universe, and it responds by giving us more of it..
What happens when we are in a position to give? Well! We can only give what we have. So giving means Abundance!
Love, happiness – To spread them, we have to know that we already have them.

Give but don’t expect to get back from the same person. Because that is not in your hands - never was, and never will be. Understanding this simple and yet very difficult fact is wisdom. Love is the greatest energy and love is all about giving….
People, often our loved ones, behave just the way they want to. Sometimes their behavior is so erratic and unexplainable that one is left wondering, ‘What did I do?’ :) That is the time I remember Rishiji’s words. He says – “How you behave is your 'Karma,' how other people behave is their 'Karma.' Let people carry their own cross that should not stop you from doing your work.” And at the same time bless them to behave better. :)

Love is inclusive and not exclusive
In our life, some people are, and will always be ‘special.’ These are people we want to spend a part of our lives with. But that should not prevent us from being able to share our love with the rest of the world. There are people waiting for us to bring some smile n cheer into their lives.

When we miss someone, it’s not the person, it’s the feeling, the presence that that person brings in our life, that we miss. To add, I feel life is about finding the one who loves you unconditionally, who’s with you always…the eternal quest, I guess :) And that special one is never away from us, the ultimate soul mate, the ‘soul itself’…

I say a little 'Prayer'
Let the tears that flow from our eyes not be of pain, let them be those of gratitude,

Let the lamp of knowledge be lit in everyone around us,

Let our thoughts for others be simply love and blessings…

‘Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu’