Saturday, January 30, 2010


Read this recently -
"Upanishad", sitting at the feet of the master."

"The Master's presence is like that of the sun, the rays of which simply penetrate the surroundings. If a cube of ice is put in the sun, it melts in no time. Just like that, our samskaras simply dissolve in the intense energy field of the Master.

The sun does not think about who is coming near it and then decide whether to shine or not. It shines no matter what. Master's compassion does not have logic. There is no calculation involved or an ulterior motive when the Master radiates his love and compassion.

It is whether we want to allow ourselves to melt or we choose to hold back. It does not matter what He talks, every word is like an arrow hitting our inner space and killing the demons of ego and conditionings. ...

Master wants our transformation, our growth, our joy. Why should he be so bothered about our growth? For no logical reason. This is called compassion."

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