Sunday, June 21, 2009

Even This Will Pass Away

Even This Will Pass Away

Once in Persia reigned a king, Who upon a signet ring, Carved a maxim strange and wise, When held before his eyes, Gave him counsel at a glance, Fit for every change and chance: Solemn words, and these were they:

Trains of camel through the sand Brought him gems from Samarcand; Fleets of galleys over the seas Brought him pearls to rival these, But he counted little gain, Treasures of the mine or main; “What is wealth?” the king would say,

Mid the pleasures of his court At the zenith of their sport, When the palms of all his guests Burned with clapping at his jests, Seated midst the figs and wine, Said the king, “Ah, friends of mine. Pleasure comes but not to stay,

Woman, fairest ever seen Was the bride he crowned as queen, Pillowed on the marriage-bed Whispering to his soul, he said, “Though no monarch ever pressed Fairer bosom to his breast, Mortal flesh is only clay!

Fighting on the furious field, Once a javelin pierced his shield, Soldiers with a loud lament Bore him bleeding to his tortured side, “Pain is hard to bear;” he cried. “But with patience, day by day,

Towering in a public square Forty cubits in this air, And the king disguised, unknown, Gazed upon his sculptured name. And he pondered, “What is fame?” “Fame is but a slow decay!

Struck with palsy, sore and old, Waiting at the gates of gold, Said he with his dying breath “Life is done, but what is Death?” Then as answer to the king Fell a sunbeam on his ring; Showing by a heavenly ray.

—Theodore Tilton

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wherz the focus

The difference between being material or spiritual, in whatever you do is only that of your "INTENTION":)

The same thing we are doing, just by a change of intention, the underlying thought process behind the act, becomes a means to uplift ourselves as well as others….from mere selfish gain, to a means of contributing…

In helping people around us we find that ultimately the beneficiary is only our own self..and that there is no other..

Coming from a space of simply loving and giving, you feel the whole world around you also resonates with the same frequency… “Love”

When the inward focus shifts to the ‘ Who am I’, and the outward focus shifts from the ‘I’ and ‘me’ to the ‘we’ and ‘us’, everything around us begins to change :) for the better......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So So.......... Beautiful!!

"When your attachment shifts from the work at hand to name and fame, it is time to go within.

Be ready to face any challenges that society throws at you. It is said that gold shines more brilliantly, the more it is beaten. When you squeeze sugarcane, it gives you sweetness. Sandalwood when ground, gives fragrance. Stay in your nature even while under pressure. Every situation that comes to us is for our upliftment."

"Connect and attach yourself to the name (the mantra that you receive from the Master). The mantra establishes you in the witness consciousness. Of the mantras, the highest is the 'ajapa jap', the mantra which resonates effortlessly and spontaneously in our consciousness. It is not a doing but a happening. That is So Ham. It resonates eternally. When we experience this with awareness, it becomes meditation."

"You must keep a balance in life. Our jobs are meant to bring people/families together, a means of livelihood. Spirituality is our breath, is of utmost importance. Take these two aspects together. If you are free from family responsibilities, then you can focus on service. Till that time, you must take both together. There are some people who are free to serve humanity without concern for their livelihood. In that situation, do not crave for comforts.

Be content and serve. Anyway, those who are completely devoted to serving society, their needs are fulfilled even as they arise."
Sri Sri

Feeling blessed to be born when Gurudev is around.. Truly, madly n deeply in Love:))

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You walk until you come to the ocean. You don’t walk or run in the ocean – you float and swim. Like this, once you come to the Master, seeking stops, blossoming begins. You seek until you come to the Master.

Seeking is a desire. Desire is a thought. Thoughts are in the mind. The mind is in the Big Mind. The Big Mind in me is love. Emotions are ripples in love. Love is all Knowledge. Every atom of the Big Mind is crammed with Knowledge.

Knowing this, you stop seeking.

You are Knowledge. Every atom in you is shimmering with Knowledge.

In Sanskrit, this is called go. 'Go' has four meanings: * Knowledge * Movement * Achievement * Freedom or liberation

'Pal' means friend or protector – one who takes care of you. Be a Gopal (go-pal); be a friend in Knowledge. Often you become friends by: * Gossiping about negative things * Complaining * Similar cravings or aversions * Common enemies or common problems * Common goals or common addictions You become friends with someone because you have something in common.

But coming together in Knowledge is rare. Be a friend in Knowledge. Uplift each other in Knowledge.

All satsangees are Gopals – reminding each other of the Knowledge, coming together for Knowledge. That is Gopal.

Be a protector of this Knowledge.

Sri Sri

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My latest Guru story:)

The place where I stay in Ahmedabad is Bopal, which has lately seen a lot of digging activity as pipelines and sewage lines are being laid and roads have been dug up. In the rains the place would have been terrible coz there was so much of mud and the main road connecting Bopal to the highway was simply in bits n pieces. Since I will be going to SSRVM regularly for the next three months from Monday I just spoke to Guruji (Am sure we all know where to talk with Guruji na :) in the air….

I said ‘How can you expect me to drive through this road if it rains Guruji. It will be impossible to travel on this road and I have to teach for the next three months, all rainy ones….

Two days later I go on the same road (same?????)
Completely laid............................A brand new road is ready…. :))))))
Coincidence?? But what if they keep happening n happening n happening…..
"When you spread knowledge nature will bend to serve you".
Love u Guruji:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the roads of Ahmedabad!

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
Traffic signals!! From my understanding here the Red signal means ‘Go’ n the Green means ‘Wait and see before you move’. Aur Yellow! Woh kya hota hai?? Although I learnt driving in the mid-90s, gaadi chalai to yahaaan aake, and do I regret it?? No way..
Where else can you have the experience of driving with almost nonexistent signals, crossroads with traffic from all over and no policeman in sight, people driving on the wrong side of the road at a speed you wouldn’t dare on the highway.. (well thoda zyada ho gaya) Lol…. But That’s the way it is here!!

Keeping your cool while driving here = Meditation in motion :)

Helps to practice all that I have learnt from Master – most importantly awareness, patience and keeping the smile through it all.

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
I have never come across anyone raising their voice, (except my Dad :)) People here seem to be so cool( I mean literally), dunno how people employing them can manage to get them to work…
And in case you get worked up seeing the lethargy, one comment which you would most definitely hear, “ Tension nahin lene ka.” Have heard it more than a hundred times since I came here and although it raised tempers earlier on, I think now the coolness is beginning to rub off on me as well….Must be the air or water or simply the space.. ha ha
That’s the way it is here!!

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
In my life have I ever seen so many golgappa stalls?? Nowhere except here.. called the ‘Pakodi Centres’
Where the wife or girl friend won’t return home after an evening out until shez been treated to this amazing tangy water filled delicacy… As for hygiene, don’t venture near any of the roadside ones, unless your digestive system can manage the stress this delicacy can effect :)
That’s the way it is here!!

Now for the good part – Big roads, fabulous food -vada pao, pao bhaji, bhel puri, lots of tie n dye fabrics, lots of excellent Vegetarian restaurants and Havmor ice cream!! (though my all time favourite any day is just Nirula’s triple sundaes with loads of sauces and roasted nuts.. yummmmmm).

But I guess where Ahmedabad takes the cake is that it’s a safe haven, unlike Delhi where girls would think twice before venturing out alone in the late evenings…The vibrations in this city are sooooo.... positive! A lot I guess is because overall people here are extremely religious and spiritual..

Understanding that “opposite values are complementary.”
Missing Delhi sometimes but njoying Ahmedabad too…….

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Words and words are all we SEEM to have!

Taking time to reflect -- What affects us most from morning to night, at school, at college, at work, at home??WORDS - WORDS - WORDS...... reflecting our actions, thoughts and feelings and just about anything from anger, frustration, jealousy, love, knowledge..

How do we react when people say or do unpleasant things? Do we hit back or keep quiet and move away?Is there a way to make an angry person understand through words? And what type of words do we like to hear? Given a chance to choose what we would like to hear, I am sure noone would say, 'I like listening to harsh, angry and abusive words!' A fact that we already know, but how often are we aware of what we end up saying all the time!!

Awareness of what hurts us or what we don't like to listen from others is a great way to understand what others don't expect to hear from us:)We seem to be full of words..but the point to ponder on is what kind of a universe are our words creating?

Whenever I am in a situation that I don't seem to be liking I remember these words from Guruji:
"Never mind any words from anybody. If you could just do that, then you have won the world."

Spacing out....

"Many read spiritual knowledge like everything else. On the go, between Iphones & Blackberries. When something soothes your heart/mind-STOP for a moment. REST in that knowledge. Sit for a moment. Don't say yes I agree or no. Just take SHADE from all your mental & physical activity. Give knowledge, this SUTRA, time to SPACE OUT in you.
ONE MOMENT can change your entire perception FOREVER."
Dvorah Adler