Sunday, June 7, 2009

My latest Guru story:)

The place where I stay in Ahmedabad is Bopal, which has lately seen a lot of digging activity as pipelines and sewage lines are being laid and roads have been dug up. In the rains the place would have been terrible coz there was so much of mud and the main road connecting Bopal to the highway was simply in bits n pieces. Since I will be going to SSRVM regularly for the next three months from Monday I just spoke to Guruji (Am sure we all know where to talk with Guruji na :) in the air….

I said ‘How can you expect me to drive through this road if it rains Guruji. It will be impossible to travel on this road and I have to teach for the next three months, all rainy ones….

Two days later I go on the same road (same?????)
Completely laid............................A brand new road is ready…. :))))))
Coincidence?? But what if they keep happening n happening n happening…..
"When you spread knowledge nature will bend to serve you".
Love u Guruji:)

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