Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the roads of Ahmedabad!

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
Traffic signals!! From my understanding here the Red signal means ‘Go’ n the Green means ‘Wait and see before you move’. Aur Yellow! Woh kya hota hai?? Although I learnt driving in the mid-90s, gaadi chalai to yahaaan aake, and do I regret it?? No way..
Where else can you have the experience of driving with almost nonexistent signals, crossroads with traffic from all over and no policeman in sight, people driving on the wrong side of the road at a speed you wouldn’t dare on the highway.. (well thoda zyada ho gaya) Lol…. But That’s the way it is here!!

Keeping your cool while driving here = Meditation in motion :)

Helps to practice all that I have learnt from Master – most importantly awareness, patience and keeping the smile through it all.

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
I have never come across anyone raising their voice, (except my Dad :)) People here seem to be so cool( I mean literally), dunno how people employing them can manage to get them to work…
And in case you get worked up seeing the lethargy, one comment which you would most definitely hear, “ Tension nahin lene ka.” Have heard it more than a hundred times since I came here and although it raised tempers earlier on, I think now the coolness is beginning to rub off on me as well….Must be the air or water or simply the space.. ha ha
That’s the way it is here!!

On the roads of Ahmedabad!
In my life have I ever seen so many golgappa stalls?? Nowhere except here.. called the ‘Pakodi Centres’
Where the wife or girl friend won’t return home after an evening out until shez been treated to this amazing tangy water filled delicacy… As for hygiene, don’t venture near any of the roadside ones, unless your digestive system can manage the stress this delicacy can effect :)
That’s the way it is here!!

Now for the good part – Big roads, fabulous food -vada pao, pao bhaji, bhel puri, lots of tie n dye fabrics, lots of excellent Vegetarian restaurants and Havmor ice cream!! (though my all time favourite any day is just Nirula’s triple sundaes with loads of sauces and roasted nuts.. yummmmmm).

But I guess where Ahmedabad takes the cake is that it’s a safe haven, unlike Delhi where girls would think twice before venturing out alone in the late evenings…The vibrations in this city are sooooo.... positive! A lot I guess is because overall people here are extremely religious and spiritual..

Understanding that “opposite values are complementary.”
Missing Delhi sometimes but njoying Ahmedabad too…….

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