Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Words and words are all we SEEM to have!

Taking time to reflect -- What affects us most from morning to night, at school, at college, at work, at home??WORDS - WORDS - WORDS...... reflecting our actions, thoughts and feelings and just about anything from anger, frustration, jealousy, love, knowledge..

How do we react when people say or do unpleasant things? Do we hit back or keep quiet and move away?Is there a way to make an angry person understand through words? And what type of words do we like to hear? Given a chance to choose what we would like to hear, I am sure noone would say, 'I like listening to harsh, angry and abusive words!' A fact that we already know, but how often are we aware of what we end up saying all the time!!

Awareness of what hurts us or what we don't like to listen from others is a great way to understand what others don't expect to hear from us:)We seem to be full of words..but the point to ponder on is what kind of a universe are our words creating?

Whenever I am in a situation that I don't seem to be liking I remember these words from Guruji:
"Never mind any words from anybody. If you could just do that, then you have won the world."

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