Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So So.......... Beautiful!!

"When your attachment shifts from the work at hand to name and fame, it is time to go within.

Be ready to face any challenges that society throws at you. It is said that gold shines more brilliantly, the more it is beaten. When you squeeze sugarcane, it gives you sweetness. Sandalwood when ground, gives fragrance. Stay in your nature even while under pressure. Every situation that comes to us is for our upliftment."

"Connect and attach yourself to the name (the mantra that you receive from the Master). The mantra establishes you in the witness consciousness. Of the mantras, the highest is the 'ajapa jap', the mantra which resonates effortlessly and spontaneously in our consciousness. It is not a doing but a happening. That is So Ham. It resonates eternally. When we experience this with awareness, it becomes meditation."

"You must keep a balance in life. Our jobs are meant to bring people/families together, a means of livelihood. Spirituality is our breath, is of utmost importance. Take these two aspects together. If you are free from family responsibilities, then you can focus on service. Till that time, you must take both together. There are some people who are free to serve humanity without concern for their livelihood. In that situation, do not crave for comforts.

Be content and serve. Anyway, those who are completely devoted to serving society, their needs are fulfilled even as they arise."
Sri Sri

Feeling blessed to be born when Gurudev is around.. Truly, madly n deeply in Love:))

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