Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rise High but stay Grounded :)

I remember this poem from school probably 2nd Standard.. :)

Khada Himalaya bata raha hai,
Daro na aandhi paani mein.
Khade raho tum avichal hokar,
Sab sankat tufani mein

Digo na apne pran se, to tum
Sab kuchh paa sakte ho pyare,
Tum bhi uche uth sakte ho
Chuu sakte ho nabh ke tare.

Achal raha jo apne path par,
Lakh musibat aane mein,
Mili safalta jag mein us ko
Jine mein mar jane mein......

Commitment n Faith...:)


  1. Could you please explain the meaning of "Mili safalta jag mein us ko, Jine mein mar jane mein"?

    1. success is achieved by only those people who works really hard to get their dreams fulfilled..

  2. Interpretation of any poem means you have two options:
    1) Understand from the perspective of the poet.
    2) Interpret it.. :)

    Let me know what you feel about it..

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