Sunday, August 23, 2009


An amazing time at the ashram with Guruji this Janmashtami:)
Grace flowing in full force, with two participants at the AMC sharing experiences of disappearance of cancer! One young boys blood cancer in the second stage disappeared simply after the basic course and after doing sudarshan kriya. He had come with his family to meet Guruji..

Another young girl (ard 27-28 years old) with cancer got cured after taking up an advanced course following a meeting with Gurudev. She had been suffering from fear of closed spaces and now felt free of all her phobias. Nothing short of ecstacy was her ex-pression as she shouted, I love you Guruji in front of thousands of people.:)

A special group of habituated cigarette smokers had come from the city after attending a special course for smokers. (People who had been in the habit for 40, 50 years) came at the Sunday satsang and reported:
An elderly gentleman smoking for 55 years, quit on the first day of the special course..
Another one smoking for more than 40 years hasnt touched a cigarette since he did the course :)
All of them overflowing with gratitude.

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