Saturday, May 30, 2009


Many times this thought crossed my mind!
"Why do educated people sometimes behave in the most irresponsible manner possible."
Not that I am perfect, but nevertheless the thought. At that moment I would also wonder whether the thought came because the other person's behaviour affected me, was directed towards me, or was I worried because the action was harming the person in question more than anyone else. And unconsciously at that moment I would pray, Oh God please help him/her to react more positively, or leave that particular habit which was more than anything -- self destructive.

Then came the blessings course and suddenly I realized the power to bless was inherent in all of us. Just that we did not use it as often as we should:) and then came this question that Gurudev answered in one of the satsangs.....
Q. Can I take a sankalpa for a change in someone else’s behavior?
Sri Sri: "Do it, take it. Bless them to behave better. When you want to bless someone because their behavior hurts you, it doesn’t work. When you want to bless them because their behavior hurts them, that would work. That is compassion. Say: May you behave better, so that you can be happier."

And I knew I could use the power to bless(Power sounds so funny...:) more and more, to help people around me....How master empowers to always keep the perspective on doing one's bit for people around!!:) To add as he himself says:
"There is no such thing as big seva (service) or small seva. The fruits of both are the same. Do service as much as you are capable of. Put all your energy into it. Whatever service you do within your capabilities will bear good result. The feeling, the intention behind every seva is important."

If your intention is pure and soaked in knowledge and love, it will do its work:))))

I know I can never be grateful enough for your presence Guruji :)...
Om shanti shanti shanti..