Thursday, November 18, 2010


'In the flow' thoughts and utterances !!
Either in the deep moments of prayer or in the flow of connected thoughts..

Intuition: Head or Heart
Head means reason and logic and Heart means emotion and feeling. All thoughts!! Intuition is neither head nor heart, it is beyond. Coz its an inkling, indication of what is to come, or simply what is. Perception of reality.. not feelings, judgements and reasoning. Neither conscious nor subconscious.Superconsciousness… Soul calling..

Being alive = Being in the present moment = Experiencing God.
Reliving some beautiful moments of the past can surely make us come alive, even in the present moment, provided we recollect the past without regret, guilt or anger and without the expectation that we get those moments back… :)

Given the bombardment of information from all around -- it is quite astounding to even be able to meditate for short periods.. I guess that's why Awareness is opposed to more hours of keeping the eyes closed...:)

Living the mystery of life is when you realize some questions have no answers .... and some experiences no expressions..

You cannot shake the conviction of one who has experienced ....

What you see around in the outside world simply reflects your inner world.. What do you 'SEE'!!! ;) Happy Watching!! :)

'You hear the call of my heart, I know
Even before my tears touch the floor,
You flood my life with love..
In gratitude ...' :)


The ways may differ, the essence remains the same -- The call from the heart, surrender and divine love :)


  1. too short summary na... Lots more coming... :)) My Insights!!

  2. Good Good... Somme1 is writing wring but lemme tell u.. its short short...

    Good Writer Please write a lil long.

    I promise i will read it even if its few pages!;-) lol :)

    Coz i enjoy reading wen a good writer writes!

  3. Good Writers also teach/guide how to write n why to write...

    I mean they can enlighten people about writing! :) they bring out the Aaahhooo!! moment... for beginners :)