Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ashram times... Navratri and Guru Puja...:)

This is dedicated to you Sarthak.. thanks for inspiring me to write again after a long time ..

Guruji’s coming to Ahmedabad…excitement, joy, last minute Ashram trip for Navratri and Guru Puja Phase 1 …Mega YES!+ with Bau and Dinesh bhaiyya..there was hardly any time left to think..

Navratri trip was amazing.. The highlight as usual, after Gurudev offcourse, was the Ashtami Puja. Guruji described it as special because priests from all over South India and Dwarka performed it, turn by turn..

The chanting left me dissolved.. This was the first time my usually high pitta troubled stomach showed no signs of any unwanted acids rising to my head.. :) time from 6.30 am to almost 3.30 pm passed, with me opening my eyes for a few seconds every now and then, and back to the ‘---------’ State .. ;)

Rudra Pujas every day till Guruji was there… and Indrani ready to squeeze and hug Guruji after each of the Pujas.. ;)

And then time for Guru Puja Phase 1…. Called as ‘The Course’ by Girin bhaiyya…who came to take the long kriya on the first day..

Bhanu di’s presence glowed and bhakti flowed through the course.. :)

My favourite memory of the course was the shloka “Yaddvare nikhilanilimpa parishad” and Bhanu di’s amazing and yet so simple style of storytelling…Chanting and Dancing through the course and it was time to come back…

For a change the return back home was exciting as Gurudev’s visit to Gujarat lay right ahead.. Though I probably missed the heat of the seva action, the days ahead were just amazingly beautiful…. No words can describe the feeling.. ' Being with the Presence' and ‘Feeling the Presence’ :)

Part II follows…


  1. “Yaddvare nikhilanilimpa parishad” means? :)

  2. Thank You :)

    Waiting for more!

    especially the “Yaddvare nikhilanilimpa parishad” story.

  3. :) For the story and meaning -- Do Guru Puja :)

  4. This is a great start...!! Bless U always...