Friday, January 28, 2011

Karma Talk... :)

And the Master spoke on Karma --- Throughout the talk, I felt that all he wanted was to take the focus on what we can do "NOW" rather than digging out the Past and worrying about it!!
Meditation, Seva and Guru Grace (kripa) :)

A compilation of knowledge bytes on Karma by Guruji on Januray 29th, 2011.... :) Enjoy!!

What is Karma: "Karma simply means the strongest impression in the mind, the action it has propelled...
Every particle in the universe is filled with action and dynamism. The universe is filled with karma..getting rid of karma means -- getting rid of the impressions .. Negative impressions cause pain..Good karma means positive impressions, bad karma means negative impressions..
Breathing techniques, Meditation and Pranayama erase negative impressions ...not the positive ones :)
Attachment to positive impressions is also karma..Nirvana is freeing(not attached) yourself from postive impressions and negative impressions... "

"Latent impressions propel you into action again.. The skill is not to be affected by these..In every action there is some stillness.. recognizing this stillness, which is a witness to all the action'Seeing the inaction in action is seeing ...the consciousness.. freedom is not stopping action.. its doing the action but being a witness to it.. :)We have to keep acting yet not get attached to the actions.. everyday you do daily chores, but they don't become a big impression.."

"All habits are nothing but karma.. Induced karma...Erase those karmas from your consciousness..When you meditate, you clear the impressions.. mind becomes clear -- hollow and empty.. then you are in touch with your intuition..."

"Guruji says --Three types of karma
1)Prarabdha -- Impressions stored and which have started yielding results..Have to Experience!!!
2)Sanchit -- Accumulated from past.. can be erased
3)Agami -- Future.. can be erased
Prarabdha -- everyone has to experience...
...Gahana karmanogati -- Unfathomable are the ways of Karma..Which would sprout when, you don't know!!
Final-- Don't worrry !!! :)) Just do what you have to do.. Do your duty.. The most learned are also confused when it comes to karma..
Family Karma -- DNA.. our genes are part of Karma!!
By practice of meditation and pranayama -- certain genetic structure changes.. "

"Along with Karma is also remedy... Remedies are available..
Habits can be changed..One can come out of their impressions....with support, little help, with little suffering..."

What are the ways to come out of Karma except Meditation??
Guruji said: What are the ways to get out of hunger except eating ;) :D
"What are the ways to quench your thirst excpet thru drinking !!!"

"The grace (Kripa) Love and devotion..... can get you our of Karma..
Meditation is not an action.. its a state of pure love and devotion :)
If you are in love meditation happens..."

Can one person's karma be changed by another's blessing??
A : To some extent.. definitely :)

"Love fear and hatred are made of same energy.. If you have fear, there is love lacking..Fear is love upside down... Meditation, Seva can help Love stand on its feet rather than on head" ;) :))
"You have to do only that which you can do... God doesn't want you to do what you cannot do..:) But what you can do and are not doing -- means irresponsibilty...
Karma is that which we can do!! Swabhav main jo hai, wohi karma hai..What is in your nature is what we are expected to do" :)

Answering somone's query on being able to remember the Past!! Guruji said --
"If you remember all your past karma, you may not smile at all" ;) :))

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