Monday, December 27, 2010

Qualifications for Ashtavakra Gita: Discipline in Speech

Guruji speaks in the Introduction to Ashtavakra Gita -

"Discipline is required in words and speech. Do not say anything that creates turbulence and turmoil in the minds of others. Some people get agitated even if you don’t speak. You are not responsible for that. Do not hurt anyone with your speech, for the divine dwells in every heart.

A person, whose words and speech are cultured, is eligible for Ashtavakra Gita – a person, who does not or cannot utter unpleasant words even when he is very angry – words which will be like arrows.

This is the second discipline – discipline in speech. You will see that when you start with this in your life, you will not get a chance to speak harsh words. Just a little change in your tme will be sufficient when matters are not moving quickly. You don’t have to yell at people! We feel we must display some anger. Even in the display of anger there is no need to use any harsh words.

They say the tongue does not have a bone. That is true. This is how it goes in all directions – up and down, left and right. We slap people, left and right with our tongues. This is abusing the power of our speech. We have been endowed with the power of speech not to create turbulence, but to create silence. But our words go like stones, hitting the silent mind and creating turbulence all over. We have got to bear this in mind – cultured speech. The main purpose or one of the main objectives of silence is to make one aware of what he or she says.

Don’t think speech has less power; it has lot of power. The more and more we soak in the Being, the more any harsh words from us will become a curse. Our words are to bless people and bring peace to the world."


  1. Thanks Kalyani for sharing this beautiful knowledge
    Love Roopa

  2. Every moment, new learnings.. :)

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